Making Longevity Science Accessible

Reverse aging and live longer with powerful insights into your body.
Using your profile, our AI interprets your data taking into account all of your characteristics to form a holistic overview that powers incredible change.

Blood Age

Our AI analysis on how your blood will reacts in response to lifestyle changes and food. It can digitally adjust your blood profile for variables, such as certain exercise and food. Multiple combinations of these interventions are calculated to select the one that will decrease your actual blood Age the most.

Biological Age

As time ticks by, our internal clock loses its pace and consistency, older adults often become tired in the early evenings and wake up early in the morning. Our AI will tell your biological age from a blood panel or an epigenetic test and highlight the ways to optimize your journey towards healthy longevity.

Get your real biological age

Just upload your recent blood test and find out your biological age. Add data to get more insights about your health!

Receive your own longevity strategy

Based on uploaded data, our AI algorithms will provide you with a scientifically based longevity plan that is made just for you.

Complete your personalized to-do list

The tactic is divided into easy-to-do tasks that help isolate harmful habits in your life, replacing them with healthier ones.


Stay healthier using personalized longevity science. Track the progress in the app and upload more data to get more predictions.

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